MMMEX, Wealth Bank At The Pinnacle Of The 2019 Token Field

Hongkong, Jul 7, 2019 – – At present, the global market value of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, which is based on block chain technology, has reached 2.12 trillion. It is not a small number, and more importantly, digital money represents a tendency. It does not rely on government issuance and can’t be tampered with anti-censorship, anti-inflation, and internationalization, which is a truly decentralized new product “against” the legal currency. The rapid development of digital money further promotes the prevalence of digital asset exchanges.

For a long time, the traditional way of collecting trading fees was a pool of stagnant water, and the market was not reactivated until the recent emergence of the “trading is mining” model advocated by Zhang Jian. After the emergence of trading mining, lock mining, shared mining, node mining, legal currency mining and other new mode followed. Everyone wants to make a breakthrough in this field. Take locking warehouse mining as an example, it is to put digital assets into the trading platform and lock them in the warehouse. During this period, the digital assets can’t be trade and transferred, but you will receive the corresponding reward. In contrast to “trading is mining”, it is a game of innovation.

MMMEX, a leader of a bull market and key to open the blockchain wealth

MMMEX, based on Activity Rank transaction record technology and built by M-Random consensus engine, is a new decentralized consensus trading platform. As the value certificate of MMMEX, MMM and MRO have no early private placement, no institution or individual to sell the share of the token. All the tokens of MRO are used for global purchase and reward with no investment institutions and large shareholders. The party of platform and the global volunteers have no share which truly realizes a benign investment environment with no bankers, no institutions, no boom, no slump, equality for all retail investors.

MMMEX Global consensus Trading platform is a great blockchain ecosystem, in which there are anonymous groups of MMM volunteers from 11 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. MMMEX innovates the system mechanism of the traditional exchanges, and puts forward the mechanism of “Contract + Panic Purchase + Destruction of the mine” for the first time, which completely change the traditional trading mode, preserve the value of MMM effectively and increase the value of MMM infinitely.

The MMMEX trading mechanism is divided into six sections: the panic purchaser plan, the node destruction and reward, the loyalty contract, the contract prize pool, the adjudicator plan, and the destroyer mechanism. These six sections make MMM and MRO inseparable in two-way value anchoring, so that MMM’s future market circulation and value are not affected by individuals or institutions, but are naturally regulated by the market.

1. Panic Purchaser Plan

The panic purchaser plan has a total of 210 rounds, one per day. Users can participate in daily purchases of MMM/MRO, and those who have successfully panic-purchased can enjoy daily fixed income and share rewards. MRO coins that were not purchased by the end of each round would be transferred to the destruction pool.

2. Node Destruction and Mining

The MRO coins generated by panic purchase will be destructed in ecologically designated scenes, permanently destroying some of the MRO coins waiting for circulation. As a result, the growth of MRO circulation will always be maintained within a controllable range.

Node incentives can be seen as a booster for MMMEX Consensus Exchange, bold, innovative, and daring to be the first. That is to say, when the community ecology expands to a certain volume, users will take the initiative to destroy them, thus bringing the whole ecology benefits. The node incentives are rewarded by destroying the corresponding number of MRO and increasing node powers to make the entire MMMEX consensus ecosystem healthier and more stable.

3. Loyalty Contract

MMMEX uses a decentralized contractual mechanism called the loyalty contract, realizing the appreciation and circulation of MMM and MRO coins. The MRO obtained from each transaction will be directly transferred to the users’ accounts, and an additional amount of MRO will be awarded. During the period, the price of MRO coins will increase at a certain rate, and the value obtained by users’ investment will always increase.

4. Contract Prize Pool

In addition to enjoying the MRO’s unlimited appreciation, each user participating in the loyalty contract has the opportunity to receive the reward of the prize pool. The prize pool is rewarded three times a month according to the ranking, and the contract amount is regularly delivered to the prize pool to ensure that each user could get more wealth.

5. Adjudicator Plan

In MMMEX, members can use the MRO to vote (or free voting) in voting activities that are initiated by the platform side. MMMEX’s consensus voting mechanism has greatly improved the mobility and ease of use of MRO, and also provided more investment channels for users around the world. Multiple application scenarios have connected more participants to the MMM ecosystem. In MMM, not only MRO users such as voting sponsors, voting participants, and candidates, but also authoritative identity certification agencies, quiz providers, polling agencies, game providers, live broadcast providers, and advertisers can participate, gaining more attention, which will also help MMM build a complete voting ecosystem.

6. Destroyer Mechanism

MMM has a five-layer destruction system and is committed to create a highly innovative token deflationary economic model. It is also a strong guarantee for the stable appreciation of MRO, and is even the core value of MMMEX consensus.

The emergence of MMMEX definitely will lead to a shuffle in the 2019 currency market, opening a new password to wealth.

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