Shard Announces the Launch of Its All-in-One Ecosystem, Revolutionizing Decentralized Finance and Making It Accessible to All

New York, NY / November 18, 2021 / SEAPRWire / Shard, as part of a unique user-centric cross-chain DeFi ecosystem is thrilled to announce the release of the all-in-one ecosystem that’s revolutionizing decentralized finance and making it accessible to all of humanity.

The ecosystem is focused on building innovative easy-to-use DeFi protocols and platforms across multiple blockchains, thus offering everyone a gateway to financial freedom.

To fulfill the demand for long term value and growth within the DeFi space, Infinity ecosystem is creating an enhanced DeFi and crypto experience by providing users – both experts and newbies – with seamless access, simple yet advanced features and usability, thus facilitating easier mainstream adoption. Currently, the community-driven ecosystem comprises a suite of DeFi platforms, protocols and utility/governance token, such as the open-source Infinity Protocol, cutting-edge Infinity Crypto decentralized exchange, the flagship platform Infinity Wallet and Shard as the central utility and governance token across the ecosystem.

Infinity Crypto

Infinity Crypto is a user-centric decentralized finance protocol and platform for trading, investing and earning crypto. Infinity Crypto is offering many advancements built upon the Infinity Protocol. And as such, it is redefining decentralized trading and finance technology with its all-in-one decentralized exchange designed for ease-of-use. It allows instant, non-custodial token swaps, as well as advanced decentralized trading, and the ability to earn by providing liquidity without registration. No account creation is required, users can simply connect with their Infinity Wallet — the only wallet of its kind allowing for instant connecting with almost any DApp on desktop, to start trading, earning and interacting with the platform securely in seconds.

Both novice and advanced users can utilize the decentralized exchange to swap in seconds, or view markets, charts and liquidity depth on the advanced trading interface. One can easily provide any amount of tokens to liquidity using the unique flexible addition option and earn passive income from trading fees. Users can stake their liquidity to earn bonus rewards in Shard reward pools at an average of 30% per year. And also easily keep track of their portfolio, earnings and history, as well as deep exchange analytics, all in one place.

Infinity Wallet

Infinity Wallet is the ultimate all-in-one non-custodial multi-chain wallet and gateway for decentralized finance, offering a wide range of unique features and advancements. It enables users to have complete control of their digital assets, easily store, send, monitor, exchange, access Dapps and DeFi and much more.

Currently, the Infinity Wallet is one of the very few DeFi platforms that’s working closely with the community to bring real value to decentralized finance and also creating the perfect user environment, with continuous developments to fulfill the needs of users globally. The Infinity Wallet offers a premium user experience with the following features:

  1. Supporting over 150,000+ cryptocurrencies across 10 chains
  2. Easily swap and bridge between multiple chains
  3. Monitor your portfolio and its historical performance
  4. Custom token importing for ETH, BSC and POLYGON
  5. Cross-chain sending, currently supporting BC & BSC
  6. Connect to any Dapp or DeFi platform in seconds
  7. D2FA integration providing extra wallet security
  8. Automatically optimized and user customizable transaction fees
  9. Export all transactions or filtered transactions in a click
  10. Ability to create multiple unique wallets or local accounts if one is sharing a device
  11. Drag and scan QR code technology developed for easy desktop scanning
  12. Multiple wallet options with more to come
  13. Latest crypto news and live market stats

Additionally, the Infinity Wallet is available on desktop and soon mobile, for complete control of your digital assets at all times.


Shard is a global, decentralized and interoperable multi-chain token that’s accessible to anyone on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. It is the native coin across a range of infinity platforms and protocols, offering diverse features, governance, benefits, burns and use cases. Shard is governed by the community and in return, it’s used to govern the Infinity Protocol. Shard holders have the ability to create proposals, vote on integrations, whitelisting and treasury usage.

The Infinity Protocol and Platforms within the ecosystem have unique protocols for burning Shard, benefiting all Shard holders through providing many use cases and reducing coin supply. At present, Shard is burned from 0.05% of the traded volume on the Infinity Protocol, 100% of Shard burn community whitelisting on Infinity Crypto and Infinity Wallet, as well as fees from the Infinity Wallet.


To further integrate cutting edge advancements into the ecosystem, the dev team is working on various future development plans such as decentralized cross-chain aggregation for trading, liquidity pools and farming, NFTs, staking, fiat-crypto trading, lending/borrowing and much more in the roadmap.

About Infinity Ecosystem

Infinity Ecosystem is a vast and continuously evolving ecosystem of decentralized finance protocols and platforms across multiple blockchains, bringing new value and innovation to the DeFi space. To build a global, unified, and diverse DeFi community and ecosystem, the Infinity ecosystem has developed user-friendly interfaces and advanced features to provide the best experience for both basic and advanced users, along with protocols empowering decentralized finance for developers, liquidity providers, financial institutions, exchanges, wallets and traders.

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