Educator, Susan Tierno, Ed.D. releases “Andamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-based Learning”

“Andamio!” represents a breakthrough application of brain-based learning research for helping parents with their ELL children, specifically in Hispanic communities and in support of Title I programs

Atlanta, GA – USA – January 15, 2020As parents, we all want our children to become successful adults. We can’t do it alone, and we surround ourselves with family, friends, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and schoolteachers. What happens if the child in our classrooms doesn’t speak the same language? How can teachers engage learners? Susan Tierno, Ed.D., has researched these very questions and has written a one of a kind book to guide teachers called, “iAndamio! Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-based Learning,”available on Amazon. Dr. Tierno says, “This pragmatic and comprehensive book integrates my research, my parent trainings and my ‘boots on the ground’ experience working in some of the largest and most diverse school districts in the country. Based on my doctoral dissertation, “iAndamio!” represents a breakthrough application of brain-based learning research for helping parents with their ELL children, specifically in Hispanic communities and in support of Title I programs.

Andamio is the Spanish word for scaffold. As a noun, it is the perfect word to describe a framework, platform, or structure for creating parent engagement. This book is a scaffold, written to explain the requisites imperative in how to structure, why you structure, what you structure, when you structure, and for whom you structure training to create real engagement for the Hispanic stakeholders in your community. Once your scaffold is in place, you can choreograph, organize and plan around that meaningful nexus, a community of stakeholders, who come wanting and ready to learn. For decades, educators have wrestled with issues related to the academic achievement of students. The role of parent engagement in the education of children has long been one of the challenges faced by school district administrators, support personnel, and teachers. How to engage parents in the students’ learning process can seem overwhelming to Superintendents, Administrators, and the Parent Coordinators who are charged with designing and implementing the programs. The issue also includes the teachers who interact with parents on an almost daily basis.

Dr. Tierno is scheduled to speak at the 2020 ESEA Title I Conference in Atlanta, GA, at the Conference Center on February 5, 2020, between 9:15 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. with a question-and-answer session immediately following. There will be a book signing immediately following located in Booth 141.


This national opportunity for parent engagement encompasses a growing population of Hispanic parents, where the child’s first language is not English, adding another layer of complexity. Fortunately, we now have a book that contains a balance of thought leadership and pragmatic guidance to administrators, parent coordinators, and teachers.” Dr. Ana Maria Rodriquez.


Dr. Tierno’s education career has spanned K-12 to Higher Ed. Her 501c3 educational foundation, Let’s Think-kids Foundation, Inc. has brought out her social entrepreneurship dedicated to school partnerships with teachers, students, and their families with specific training in the brain and how to think and learn. She is a recipient of the National Creative Thinking Recognition Award for innovative programs for teachers, parents, and kids from the Creative Thinking Association of America. Dr. Tierno holds an Ed.D. with a dissertation focused on Hispanic Parent Engagement, which has now evolved into her upcoming book “Andamio: Using Brain-Based Learning to Engage Hispanic Families for ELL Academic Success” which was published by Andamio Press in 2019.


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