IQeon Announces Its Expansion from a Gaming Project into a Fintech Project

Tallinn, Estonia / January 26, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / IQeon, the PvP gaming platform which enables users to monetise their in-game achievements, has announced it is expanding from a gaming project into a fintech project.

IQeon has developed IQEX – a line of new products and services that brings together fintech areas like personal finance, payments, transfers, security, AI and cryptocurrencies.

Vadim Dovguchits, CEO and Founder of IQeon, said: “Our goal is to create a self-sufficient environment for businesses and users, from the gaming industry to e-Commerce, from crypto trading with tokenised assets to shopping with your crypto card. We aim to unite worlds, taking only the best from them.”

The IQeon gaming platform provides gamers around the world the opportunity to monetise their gaming achievements without intermediaries. These gamers would also compete in over 20 browser games of various genres, including shooters, races, platformers, puzzles and others.

Multiple game modes are available to players, such as single training, multiplayer free competitions, or matches for IQN token in which a player with the best result in a match receives the IQN reward.

The IQeon ecosystem consists of a catalogue of games for every taste. In fact, it incorporates the following features: IQClash – a mobile game portal, IQGamm – a guide with news, reviews and analysis of games and IQeon gaming platform itself (improved and updated).

In addition, the IQeon ecosystem has expanded its scope of activities by launching IQEX, the unique solution for the financial industry. The financial element, IQEX, comprises various projects:, easy cryptocurrency exchange;, service for simple integration of accepting payments using cryptocurrencies, digital assets and fiat currencies;, an exchange for trading, exchanging and storing cryptocurrencies and digital assets; and other innovative solutions. is a multi-currency exchange service which allows its users to exchange, trade digital and fiat assets profitably and quickly. Users can exchange the IQN tokens received on the IQeon platform for other digital assets and cryptocurrencies, as well as E-money. More so, users can purchase tokens and cryptocurrencies for fiat money by using exchanger.  To increase its reliability and guarantee the stability of transactions at every stage, exchange has officially been registered in the European Union and has all the necessary permits. is a global cryptocurrency payment gateway which allows users to accept and process cryptocurrency payments. This service ensures prevention of chargebacks, high payment limits, easy integration with more than 10 major E-commerce CMS and so on. This universal tool is specifically designed to maximise B2B interaction and integration of IQEX financial solutions with third-party services and ecosystem partners. is a trading platform that enables users to trade in various trading pairs of tokenised assets including cryptocurrencies, digital and fiat assets, shares of companies, gold and oil from the stock market, commodity market and cryptocurrency market. Some of the unique features of this service include: operating with the most popular blockchains, ensuring secure payments and high speed processing, and a wide range of financial assets for trading. The stability of this system will be ensured by cloud servers with dynamic allocation of resources and the possibility of margin trading. However, this product is still in beta testing.

In addition, the IQeon ecosystem is set to develop more groundbreaking projects which will improve its existing products and services. Among these are the IQeon Wallet (the IQEX Pay project), which will enable users to safely store and manage IQN and other altcoins;, a payment card with a personalised bonus programme; and, a marketplace for a wide range of unique products and services. The IQEX payment system will serve as a bridge between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and Tron blockchains enabling cheaper transactions for IQN tokens.

IQeon has secured strategic partnerships with leading innovative leaders. They are the best developer teams and committed financial institutions whose interests include cryptocurrency and the gaming industry. Some of these partnerships are: The European Fintech Alliance, Fractal, Flipside Crypto, Coingecko,,, Blockfolio, Castle Crypto and more.

IQeon ecosystem’s native token – IQN token- is built on the Ethereum network and supports the ERC-20 standard which ensures the token is compatible with third-party services like wallets, exchanges, listings, etc. It also allows easy integration with these services. Plus, the IQN token can be utilised in the financial industry as a flexible tool to motivate activity and reward successful users. It is equally used for giving bonuses, tracking trading history and marketing.

Furthermore, IQN can be used to get discounts on exchanger fees, to pay with IQN tokens for goods in partner shops, to pay in IQN incentive rewards to winners of competitions and so on. The storage and transaction of IQN digital assets are supported by non-custodial wallets like Metamask, TrustWallet, imToken, Atomic Wallet, Freewallet, and Trezor hardware wallet.

About IQeon

IQeon is a European startup developing cutting-edge technological products in the world of gaming and blockchain. Currently, they have evolved from a gaming project into a fintech one working in both gaming and financial areas.

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