CEXISWAP Announces the Launch of DEX Platform, Which Will Disrupt the CEX/DEX Boundaries

London, UK – CEXISWAP Launches a revolution that disrupts CEX and DEX Boundaries. CEXISWAP is a fast-moving decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to disrupt the boundaries between traditional centralized and decentralized exchanges, liberating fragmented liquidity pools from multiple chains to deliver the best price. Launched in January 2022, trading volume on the exchange has already grown over 565%, and the number of transactions has grown over 449% in less than one month. CEXISWAP Alpha has successfully supported the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain), and ThunderCore networks and plans to support more chains.


DeFi Challenges and Opportunities

CEXISWAP wants to initiate a new DEX revolution to fulfill the DeFi 2.0 and MetaFi vision. Traditional DEXs, use Automatic Market Makers (AMM) to determine the relative price of two assets. They require deep liquidity pools to provide competitive prices, but liquidity pools are fragmented by individual projects and chains. ”One key insight of CEXISWAP is that producing price quotes based on these fragmented and disconnected liquidity pools doesn’t make sense.” said Scott Tsai, CEO of CEXISWAP, “Instead, you want to build a model that can predict how much it will cost to execute the trade using the deepest source of liquidity and provide funds at the desired destination to settle the trade, that’s what CEXISWAP does.”

Advantages and How It Works

CEXISWAP offers better prices than competitors, a user-friendly trading experience with zero price slippage, and lower gas fees. The Trade Pipe Technology (TPT) has been designed to provide users with the best price, bridging liquidity across DEXs and CEXs. The technology executes orders based on user demand and market conditions and operates in multiple ways via the Instant Trade Pipe (ITP) and Batched Trade Pipe (BTP). 

A Few More Words from Team

CEXISWAP is a unique and promising DeFi project. The team is composed of members who have built blockchain products up and down the stack and is led by CEO Scott Tsai, who was the former head of chain engineering for a public blockchain. “We think the multi-chain world is here to stay.” said Scott Tsai, “Our first mission is to break the boundary between centralized and decentralized exchanges. Afterward, to break the boundary between different blockchains and more.” 

In the Web3 space, new entrants can liberate formerly locked-up or overlooked efficiencies and create great value. So always keep an eye out for promising ideas and interesting startups. With that in mind, the CEXISWAP crew would like to invite everybody aboard.

Social Links:

Gitbook: https://docs.cexiswap.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cexiswap

Contact Detail:

Company Name: CEXISWAP
Contact Person: Scott Tsai, CEO
Email: Send Email
Country: United Kingdom
Website Url: https://www.cexiswap.io/


Source : https://kjnewswire.com/9720/cexiswap-announces-launch-dex-platform-which-will-disrupt-cexdex-boundaries

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