Qenetex Announces the Solutions for Global Exchange and Security

Dubai, UAE / March 11, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / Qenetex presents innovative solutions for secure and decentralized storage of funds. Security is guaranteed by the personal signature generated and encrypted on the owner’s device. The Qenetex platform is designed to help connect blockchains, services, and tokens together, thus simplifying cryptocurrency management and making the crypto world more accessible to a broader audience.

What are the main advantages of Qenetex?

When someone makes an exchange on one of the major exchanges, they can see only one price and are limited by the list of tokens that the platform supports. Qenetex works differently, connecting more than 100 exchanges and providers worldwide, both decentralized and centralized. Within 2 seconds, the Exchange Search Engine analyzes big data from all over the global market and finds the most profitable exchange routes. At the same time, users do not need to spend time understanding how the exchanges work since the engine algorithm operates automatically.

Another problem Qenetex helps solve is commissions, namely high transaction and gas commissions. Firstly, Qenetex allows users to create multi-transactions, in which they can add as many recipients as they need in one block and pay only a one-time commission, saving on fees considerably. Secondly, the Qenetex team is working on the technology of gasless transactions called GTX that will enable users to pay a gas commission in the same token they transfer. Consequently, it will remove the need to hold specific tokens for commissions and eliminate risks of frozen funds due to the lack of thereof.

Finally, while the majority of wallets and exchanges take commissions for trading or buying/selling cryptocurrency as a company profit, our team decided to change the approach. We have created a model where users can return part of their commissions as cashback or even earn on transactions. It is possible due to the open protocol, where all users can transfer assets into the smart contract, providing funds for the operation of gasless and cashback rewards programs. Users who provide assets in the smart contract will receive cashback rewards from all transactions made with the exchange engine.

Payment gateway

Qenetex combines all services into one solution and creates a payment gateway, based on an open smart contract with the Qenetex token (QEX), to help businesses. The token is used inside the ecosystem, creating liquidity for exchange and cashback and assisting the distribution of rewards between the users.

The payment gateway is designed to be quickly and easily integrated into any application, game, store, or marketplace to sell hosting, music, tickets, real estate, etc. Any business owner can easily create an account, take a small technical script, instantly integrate it, and sell goods or receive payments directly from buyers. At the same time, all cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for fiat using our ecosystem.

About the company

Qenetex is an innovative platform that is based on decentralization technology and designed to serve as a bridge between digital assets and financial services. It allows users to securely store their funds in the non-custodial wallets, easily exchange them with the help of the Exchange Search Engine, and save on commissions through in-build features.

At the moment, the Qenetex team is working on expanding the platform and creating the entire ecosystem of various services (including Buying/Selling feature, MultiTrade, Launchpool, aggregated DeFi and NFT services, and full banking functionality), united in one simple and intuitive interface.

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Medium: https://medium.com/@Qenetex

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