Elevating Audio Excellence: Introducing the Enhanced KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphone Series

Enhanced KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphone Series Revolutionizing Audio Capture for Broadcasters and Beyond

May 8, 2024, Janesville, WI – Klover Products is thrilled to announce the release of the updated KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphone series. This sets a new standard for audio quality for security agencies, sports broadcasters, and audio enthusiasts.

After extensive research and development, Klover Products is excited to present the improved KLOVER MiK parabolic microphones. It has many new features and can capture clear and directional sound from distances up to 600 feet.

What’s New?

1. Unbeatable Durability: The newest KLOVER MiK models are built to last longer than any other model because they are Kevlar reinforced, which makes them twice as strong, yet safe for athletes and operators, as they break in a controlled manner so there are no dangerous sharp edges. 

2. Better Modular Design: We’ve made the design more modular, which makes repairs and upkeep easier. Each part is carefully designed to be easy to put together and take apart, which cuts down on downtime and boosts production.

3. Easy-to-Use Assembly Aides: Our new setup guides, integrated into the modules, make assembling your parabolic microphones a breeze. These guides eliminate the need for scales or rulers, allowing you to set the focus effortlessly. Additionally, the keyed modules ensure that your microphones are always in the correct position, simplifying the setup process for you. 

4. Adjustable Capability: The replacement locator bushings make it possible to change the tension to suit your needs, which keeps the system working well as it ages. This feature gives users the power to keep their performance at its best with little work.

  • “We hear things that were all but impossible to get before. Klover MiK has become the industry standard,” says Fred Alous, lead mixer for FOX Sports and sound expert
  • “We just finished our first homestand. We loved the (KLOVER MiK-16) Parabs! They sound great! You can hear the pop of the mitt and the crack of the bat so crisply,“ says Andrew Halverson, Broadcast Director for the Minnesota Twins Baseball Club
  • “I used them on one football game and was instantly sold… I am happy to say I will not be using any other product on any football broadcast I am part of,” says Steve Koubridis, Sound Engineer for CFL

Experience the Difference:

The KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphones are the best at capturing sound clearly and directionally. It gives broadcasters the best performance possible every time. Klover MiK will improve your sound experience, whether you’re covering sports events, or working as a security agency.

Please call us at (888)-299-9009 to place an order or to find out more about the improved KLOVER MiK series.   

Join us as we change the way audio is recorded with the KLOVER MiK Parabolic Microphone series- where precision meets performance.

About Klover Products:

Klover Products is a leader in developing new audio-video technology. We offer broadcasters, security agencies, and audio fans the most advanced ways to record sound directionally and with clarity. We push the limits of audio innovation and set new standards for quality and dependability because we care about customers and want to do a great job.

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